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  1. One Texas delivery driver says she is "amazingly blessed" after a couple offered to let her stay in their home during last week's winter storm.
  2. A university in New York has reportedly suspended one of its students after he shared an Instagram post in which he asserted “a man is a man, a woman is a woman.”
  3. A prominent Virginia school district is dropping Read Across America Day, which celebrates the beloved children's author Dr. Seuss after a left-wing educators group alleged that his books contain "racial undertones."
  4. President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has withdrawn its support for a lawsuit brought by three female high school athletes that would block transgender females — biological males — from competing on girls’ sports teams in Connecticut.
  5. Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford spoke at CPAC on Friday about America's freedom of religion, standing tall for our religious liberties. "Liberal professors, left-wing politicians can't push faith out of public view because they don't like it. We have a First Amendment..."
  6. Given that I had the keys to the castle, the deeper I looked the more it began to be clear that the rules and regulations that we were obliged by law to follow were being ignored with nearly every abortive procedure.
  7. One week after a wild stretch of winter weather slammed a large portion of the southern United States with snow, ice and bitterly cold air, some of the same areas are now facing the risk of flooding.
  8. While dozens of New Yorkers lined up outside in the rain, shopping carts at the ready as they waited for free food, Sofia Moncayo led her team in prayer.
  9. How many times a week do you think you are unknowingly caught on camera? Researchers believe that number is in the hundreds given the explosion of surveillance technology and that's worrying privacy advocates, especially here in the United States.
  10. The United States launched airstrikes in Syria on Thursday, targeting facilities used by Iranian-backed militia groups. The Pentagon said the strikes were in retaliation for a rocket attack in Iraq earlier this month that killed one civilian contractor and wounded a U.S. service member and other coalition troops.
  11. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has indicated the Biden administration is interested in doing more research into creating a digital dollar. 
  12. Chalk up another unusual headline to the LGBTQ agenda. This time it's not a television or movie character who has suddenly turned trans, it's a children's toy that has been around for almost 70 years
  13. Twitter, Facebook, and others insist they don't discriminate against conservatives, but they'll have a hard time convincing Project Veritas of that claim. 
  14. The House on Thursday voted to pass the Equality Act, landmark LGBTQ legislation that poses major challenges for religious liberty. An alternative approach, the Fairness for All Act, aims to accommodate both LGBTQ concerns and people of faith but has yet to win mainstream support from faith-based groups.
  15. Between 1620 and the time of the Civil War, the Great Dismal Swamp on the Virginia-North Carolina border served as a thriving refuge for runaway slaves who chose to build their lives in freedom no matter the conditions.
  16. Some say there's a war brewing against conservative media, while others argue it's just another example of Democrats trying to censor viewpoints and political speech they don't like or agree with.
  17. Target has — once again — removed Abigail Shrier’s book critical of the transgender agenda from its online shop, according to the author. This time, Shrier noted via Twitter, the move comes “without a word of explanation.”
  18. Pastor John Baker, founder of the faith-based Celebrate Recovery ministry designed to help people break free from their “hurts, habits, and hang-ups,” has passed away.
  19. On Thursday, Regent University will host the National Collegiate Day of Prayer for over 4,000 college campuses across the United States. The event is a united, multi-generational day of prayer for revival and awakening on college campuses in America.
  20. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) spoke with CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody on why he wants the peach state to be a "sanctuary state" for the faithful.
  21. After a year of weighing the impacts of the COVID pandemic, it’s clear how it’s led to greater sexual exploitation.  The center investigating the trend has just released its annual Dirty Dozen List, and the connection of giants like Amazon, Netflix, and Chromebooks to sexual exploitation should set off major alarms in homes across the country.