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  1. Toy manufacturer Hasbro stirred controversy immediately after it announced the launch of a “modern” version of its iconic Mr. Potato Head toy line that will drop the honorific “Mr.,” to be more “inclusive” and to let kids create their own type of potato families, including two moms or two dads.
  2. An appeals court has upheld the firing of a British magistrate for telling media that he believes adopted children are better off with a mother and father instead of same-sex couples. The Christian man says he will take his case to the Supreme Court.
  3. Amnesty International says in a report that satellite images of mass graves suggest that hundreds of unarmed civilians...
  4. There are only about 1,500 megachurches in the United States today. Meaning, there are only about 1,500 pastors of megachurches. Yet, somehow, it seems that every week we hear of a new Christian celebrity pastor failing. Personally, through my years in ministry, I have worked under three of these lead pastors. All three have had moral failings.
  5. While it may be appropriate to label Max Lucado “Christian-lite”, I don’t believe it’s fair to call him a Christian Leftist (at least not yet).
  6. Put another way, do you really think that kids who were exposed to drag queens when they were toddlers might not be more inclined to wonder if they themselves might want to be drag queens too?
  7. Some might argue that intergenerational conflicts do not exist during Bible times, but I have a different answer.   
  8. In an interview with The Christian Post, Voice of the Martyrs' Todd Nettleton shares the incredible story of Sister Tong, a Chinese Christian who viewed her time in prison as a "wonderful" experience and reveals how Christians in the West can best come alongside those who are being persecuted.
  9. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., delivered an impassioned speech at the 2021 Conservative Political Conference, slamming Democrats for allowing people to protest during the coronavirus but preventing them from going to church.
  10. The CEO of an alternative social media site announced plans to create a “Faith Hub” on his platform to allow people to discuss their faith freely without fear of censorship.
  11. Branding the idea as “divisive,” Republican Oklahoma State Sen. Shane Jett is now pushing to ban critical race theory from being taught in local public schools.
  12. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, a U.S. senator warned that the Equality Act would force people to hide their faith and accused one of President Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees of working to “manage the faith of Californians.”
  13. An expert on combatting sexual exploitation said her organization warned social media platforms that once the COVID-19 lockdowns began, predatory grooming and sexual exploitation of children would "explode."
  14. President Joe Biden’s nominee to serve as Assistant Secretary for Health refused to answer directly when asked by a senator to address whether minors have the capacity to make life-changing decisions about their gender.
  15. One in six Gen Z adults identify as LGBT — the highest percentage of any generation in history — and that number is likely to continue to increase, according to survey data released by Gallup.
  16. Two-time Grammy award-winning singer Lauren Daigle has released her latest single, “Hold On to Me,” a ballad with crossover appeal. 
  17. Lifetime has released the trailer for its highly anticipated gospel biopic “Robin Roberts Presents: Mahalia” which will showcase the singer's impact in gospel music and as a civil rights trailblazer.
  18. The fact that in the year of our Lord 2021 various public officials in varied local school districts have taken it upon themselves to rip President Washington’s and President Lincoln’s names off of public schools because they don’t meet some amorphous standard of “wokeness” is the equivalent of civil blasphemy.
  19. A mother of six is speaking out against an effort to create a "Marshall Plan for Moms" by giving mothers $2,400 stimulus checks, arguing that it devalues motherhood and sends the wrong message.
  20. In a culture that increasingly subscribes to moral relativism, it’s “crucial” for Christians to have more than a superficial understanding of Jesus and a defense for both His deity and existence, a pastor and apologist has said.