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Man does not have anything that does not originate from God, except sin.
In creating human beings, God himself planted all aspects of the human nature in man according to His divine will and plan. God started the process.
In the same way there will never be any restoration or renewal in the human race that will not spring from God. The creation was His doing; the restoration will also be His doing.

After the fall of man, God announced that there would come restoration by reason that man did not fall into sin on his own, but was deceived by another being, called satan or opponent.
In this process of restoration, all the perfect aspects of God’s attributes and nature are revealed. In this context we may first of all mention His love for all His creation, especially man. We also think of His righteousness in which He shows Himself as a perfect judge, who rightly deals with all sin and unrighteousness and rebellion according to His perfect, undefiled and unprejudiced opinion, as He is able to according to His holiness. For this reason the Bible teaches us that God is the only one good being, and He is that all by Himself.

According to His righteous holiness, the truth is that beings like man, defiled with sin, can not reside in His presence. Therefore the first human beings were driven from His presence and the way to it was blocked by cherubim with flaming swords, placed there by God.

God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all. Man walking in darkness will in this state never enter the presence of God.
As is earlier stated, sin is an irrevocable act. Righteously all sin needs penalty or punishment.
The consequence of man’s sin is the being cut of from the source of Life, God Himself, as a rank that is cut off from the vine and slowly looses its sap of life caused by the stopped supply. And by reason that in all creation God laid down the principle that there will only be generated according to its source, all human beings generated afterwards are from birth submitted to the same state of slow death. And in admission to this, produces every human being its own sinful state by reason of the broken relationship with God and being delivered up to their ‘knowledge of good and evil’ habit.

Since therefore all human beings have sinned and are in a sinful state, separated from God, the restoration process that can only be started by God himself, by provisions only He can make, asks for a dead-penalty on a human being blameless of sin and living in a good relationship with God. And this would be an impossible demand if not God would incarnate Himself in the appearance of ‘Son’ as a human being, taking part of the same flesh and sinful state, yet without any sin, but pure and blameless. In this ‘lowered’ state He Himself took the blame and by substitution paid the full price of the divine and righteous judgement in offering His life on behalf of the whole human race. Being punished to death and crucified on Calvary, Jesus Christ, God’s Messiah, fulfilled God’s rightful penalty for sin while at the same time in His crucifixion He judged all evil deceivers because of His own innocence, the ones that now are waiting for the last move of God when they are thrown into the eternal fire that God especially prepared for satan and all evil spirits.

Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the human race, with all its consequences, also through one man righteousness came and to justify all who believe and accept God’s Messiah, Jesus Christ and who confess Him as Lord, and obey Him in leading into a restored relationship with God the Father.

The cross of Calvary, the crucifixion of the Son of God Jesus Christ, is therefore the most important message ever delivered in the existence of the human race, and the utmost basic teaching for the salvation and restoration of man.