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The Bible clearly shows us that the corruptibility of the human race entered the human life as a result of the first disobedience to God
– called: the sin of the world – and thereby caused the power of death to be active through all generations afterwards. It was the first act of unrighteousness that infected the whole human race with deadly poison or genes so to say.
In the same way it is just one act of obedience of the pure and holy ‘Lamb’ of God, Who being the a very act of righteousness in the eyes of God, broke the power of death, by which reason Jesus Christ after dying on a cross at Calvary, because of the result of His righteous act, could not be held by this force and was raised from the dead by the power of God.
In this way God proved and approved this righteous act of obedience in the sight of all those who believe, because only through the revelation of the holy Spirit of God and by the acceptance of it in faith, man will be able to understand this great dead of the Son of the living God.
As it is impossible for a human being generated from Adam to live a sinless life, it is through the uniqueness of Jesus as being generated by the holy Spirit and therefore being the incarnation of the Godhead, that the penalty for ‘the sin of the world’ was rightfully paid for by the life of Jesus Christ who was God’s appointed, blameless ‘Lamb’.
And by reason He lived in the same kind of body as all other people do, only without having part of sin and resisting the workings of the flesh even until sweat of blood poured out of his body, the offering of His life was accepted by the highest court in heaven and was Jesus able to enter into the Most Holy Place in heaven with God the Father, bringing His own blood into the very Presence of God and thereby accomplishing the eternal reconciliation and redemption by which the human race will be saved from sin and destruction, if they believe.

For this reason God the Father honours the Son for His righteousness, giving Him the ‘Name above all names’ in which He expresses the authority over all creation, not only on earth but also in heaven, because His victory was not only over the ‘sin of the world’ but also over the deceptions and influences of satan and other fallen angels, who are actually the cause of all deception and in the first place the fall of man.
By His righteous deed Jesus Christ not only paid the price for sin, but in the same act He condemned the powers of darkness with an eternal judgment by crucifying the body of sin on the cross, this being the judgment of God.

Therefore He gained the highest authority in heaven and on earth even in a way that the Bible teaches us that God the Father handed over to Him all authority.
It is in this ‘Name’ that the gospel is preached for the salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration of all mankind and that the Godhead is showing His goodness and grace towards all man.
It is in this ‘Name’ that every knee shall bow before the throne of the Most High God and that every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
It is in this ‘Name’ that one day all graves will be opened and all human beings will be called forth to appear before the throne of the Holy One to give account of their lives and of all the things that are done while living in the body.
It is in this ‘Name’ that we urge you to accept the grace of God by receiving Jesus the Son of God and to receive forgiveness of sin through the confession and repentance thereof in order to stand that day with a clean conscience before the throne of God Almighty.