--- Stichting "To Every Creature" Missionworks. ---

TECM (for short) is an independant Christian organisation which
was founded in 1982 by Jan H. Stakenburg.
Its goal is the preaching and promoting of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all possible valuable manners and means like publications, meetings, bible teaching, seminars, etc.
Through the years TECM has published biblestudy materials on subjects like:
- The Grace of God
- Spiritual Gifts
- The Blessing of Abraham
- Reconciliation by the Blood
- Covenant subjects
- The Kingdom of God
And several other important subjects.
In the ninetees TECM organized and promoted meetings for prophetic ministry training, and was also a magazine published called "Samuel". Many teachings on the prophetic were published during these years. Some of them will perhaps appear on this website, if God leads to.
Invitations for bible teaching, preaching, seminars or special meetings in your church or group can be send to us through the contact form on the info menu.