Picture of a scroll

When God created the first human beings, it was to be accompanied by beings according to His own image and personality. In the very beginning therefore they were a perfect shadowing picture of who God was. Everything that was ‘in God’ was also in man, except being the highest authority in heaven and on earth. Being in submission to the Highest Being – God, they were pure, spotless, and blameless, in the same way their Creator is. Man and woman in the state of a marriage covenant are called ‘one flesh’ and in that way they perfectly reflect also some of the plural attributes of God’s person.

In delegated authority over the earth and all that is in it, man had great powers to rule over the elements, animals, and nature. In this power he was given the commission to steward the earth.

Being in the ‘mind’ of God himself through the relationship and the endewment of the Spirit of God, man fulfilled his given purpose in the way God meant to in perfect harmony, fearlessness and assurance of God’s will. This is called ‘faith’.

To preserve this state of being and this way of moving and living ‘in God’, man needed to keep and continue his submissive attitude towards God. Rebellion and independency would harm this relationship and withdraw the Spirit of God through which man was able to live the Godly life and act in the powers of God’s Holy Spirit. Any form of disobedience to the word and the instruction of God would cause a disturbance of the relationship and a falling back on man’s own abilities and sensorial attributes. Deprived of the ‘mind’ of God, man would fall back on the abilities of his own knowledge, discernment, and judgement, being like a ‘god’ on his own but never reaching the accomplishment and achievement of his purpose and commission.

This, we know, is exactly what happened with the first human beings. And besides the fact that man fall back on his own abilities, the disobedience to God is an irrevocable act that we call sin against God.

And besides the fact that man was disobedient towards God, there is also the influence that caused man to be disobedient. Although God warned man against the ‘knowledge’ of good and evil, He had not informed man about the existence of enemy beings who were able to draw man into an atmosphere of darkness and deception with words that seemed to be spiritual but not spoken according to the truth that comes from the Holy One. Like the movements of a ‘snake’, the deceptive twisting of God’s words came to the mind of the woman as to a weak victim who had never had God’s instruction from the first hand but ‘learned’ it from the man.

This deception not only caused man to sin because of disobedience, but also introduced in man’s personality an awareness of spiritual influences or ‘voices’ other than that of God’s Holy Spirit. It is this combination of two ingredients that made the fall of man complete and has drawn all things under the stewardship of man into a state of darkness and desolation.

Since that time, many people have tried to grasp some ‘restoration’ of their original spiritual state which has only led to more evil influences when man tries to ‘climb up’ through the use of his sensorial abilities, unwillingly doing this by deceiving evil spirits, and unaware of the fact that it will never be man’s doing to accomplish this restoration, but God’s.